Music Video

A message for the band:

Below is the artwork for the “single” cover by @themanwhofell.
Pretty sweet! @mediaben is adding graphics, for front and back. Anyway, that’s not why I’m writing…

Yes. A music video. As this idea gains momentum I thought we would have to use a more stable platform for people to listen to it. Soundcloud is brilliant but not designed for mass clicks and it’s crashed a couple of times.

So I thought we would put it on YouTube. So when we tweet the monkeys off it at 8pm on Sunday, it gets hit after hit. To add impact we need a video. @Nicktheguitar has kindly agreed to put it together but he needs content.

I want to do a short introduction and mention a charity for people to donate to once they have listened to the tune. All band members can nominate a charity now. We’ll do a vote tomorrow.

The tune sounds amazing already. I’m so excited. It’s all I can think about. I hope you can help make the vid as good as the tune.

The following message is from Nick:

“Hello, some instructions for the video.

Ideally you’d get someone to video you playing along to the whole song, on something HD like an iPhone4 or FlipHD.

Chances are you won’t have that so any video camera will do. Turn all your lights on, it’ll make the final result much less grainy on YouTube.

Film everything in LANDSCAPE!!!!!

If you can do the whole thing start to finish and include the sound it makes editing way easier for me as I can sync the clips with the sound and then just cut between it all. This will produce a big file to upload. If you don’t want to do the whole thing please either edit out the crap or film whatever you can.

Please include wide shots, mid-shots (sort of head and shoulders sized) and close ups of whatever’s being played. Please hold the shot for a minimum of 10 seconds so I can get a good bit. For example a guitarist would have a close up of the strumming hand for 10 seconds then pan up the neck of the guitar to the hand on the stings then hold that for 10 seconds.

Also do a nice shot of your face for a little montage would be good.

If you’re all alone then put your camera somewhere that’ll get a nice wide and go for it, whatever you can get will be brill!

Any photos you’ve got or can shoot would help a lot too.

Videos should be uploaded to a site of your choice, I’m on Dropbox if you have that and want to share a folder. If not I’d suggest something like yousendit, putfile, 4shared or just setting up a free Dropbox account (its quick and simples). DM me if you need my email address.

Hope that makes sense. if not ask, I’m @nicktheguitar”


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